What are the benefits of using load stability?

Load stability ensures that your products reach their destination without breakages or damages which will ultimately affect your value to your client.

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How do we assess your packaging operation?

We review at your entire packaging operation and suggest solutions that offer efficiencies in process as well as protect and enhance your brand.

Our Process

Customers who are already benefitting from Shield Pallet Load Stability

Watch our latest case studies to see the difference our Shield Load Stability package is having on business up and down the UK.

Havwoods reduce plastic waste by 78%

50% spend reduction for L'Oréal

Our stages to improving your packaging operation with Castle

We conduct an on-site
test and demonstration

Once onsite we will wrap a pallet with your existing film and then one with our most appropriate films for your application. We weigh the two balls of film, and carry out further tests on the holding strength and wrapping process to offer the best product.

Our team review,
report and recommend

Once we have carried out our onsite test we will take all our data and prepare a report, in which we will recommend the best film for your application. This will also include any savings towards the environment.

We manage and
monitor your results

Now that we are supplying film we will monitor the ongoing usage to ensure that it is still appropriate for your needs. This can be affected by product changes, loading on the pallet, machinery etc.

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