Explore the benefits of choosing Shield Load Stability

Increased pallet stability
means fewer breakages

Any pallet in transit is liable to movement, by whichever means of travel. If this movement is excessive, then breakages occur, so the better the Load Stability, the better the product condition will be on arrival.

Increase your
businesses' bottom line

Ultimately our pallet wrap will reduce the cost of each pallet wrapped, which will show better profits for your business. In addition, less breakages mean less costs.

Reduce your carbon

The less plastic (LLDPE) used, the lower the CO2 emissions to produce your wrap, hence a reduced carbon footprint.

Improved on-site

In many cases we can reduce the number of wraps per pallet, by testing the stability of the pallet with our state-of-the-art testing equipment. You will also find our wrap to be a huge step up in quality and consistency, as we never cut corners by using ‘cheaper’ raw material. This in turn saves time, by potentially applying less wrap and experiencing fewer film breakages. We can also highlight the requirement for new machinery, which will improve efficiency further.

Increase in on-site

Our wrap has been proven to increase stability and reduce damages to goods, when in storage or moved internally. One of our clients boasts a 64% on-site damage reduction, since switching to our wrap and working with our team. We can also help to highlight and improve wrapping conditions, either teaching wrapping techniques by hand, or by supplying new equipment or Machinery.

Better brand and
customer experience

Your product quality and presentation are ultimately what your customer sees as your brand and we understand that you are only as good as your suppliers…So we know your clients will expect the goods to arrive in pristine condition, in-turn the customer experience is better and this reflects well on your brand.

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