Do you have issues with pallet hand wrapping consistency? Welcome Bolt – our hand wrap dispenser which is a great solution to improve consistency for hand pallet wrapping.

This innovative piece of equipment is a fatigue fighter and will give you ultimate peace of mind with reduced film snapping issues or device wear and tear issues.

Optional upgrades are also available for our Bolt pallet wrapping dispenser; a base stand and magnet ends. A must for anyone with operator Health and Safety concerns.

  • Anti fatigue/injury
  • Easy installation & film change
  • Faster wrapping
  • Reduce film snapping issues
  • Torque/tension limiter for specific forces
  • Wrap to the bottom of pallets
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Features of our Bolt Dispenser



Anti fatigue/injury – This is a significant advantage of our Bolt Dispenser; anti fatigue and injury. No more stretching and back aching bending to wrap the top and bottom of your pallets. No more friction burns on your hands which operatives may experience with standard hand wrapping.

Easy installation & film change – Installing a new roll of film is simple and easy to carry out; unscrew the top knob, remove the old/use roll of film, and install and new, full roll and screw the top knob again to secure the core to the dispenser.

Faster wrapping – Our Bolt dispenser makes wrapping a pallet fast and easy whilst maintaining consistency. The user can just walk around the pallet as opposed to traditional hand film where you apply manual tension on the corners. You can easily reach the top of high pallets too.

Wrap to the bottom of pallets – With our hand pallet wrap dispenser, you will no longer have to bend down to wrap the bottom of a pallet. The user will experience less fatigue and difficulty because you can walk around the pallet holding the dispenser at the bottom.

Adjustable Tension – On the top of the dispenser, there is an adjustable tension knob. Turn the handle left or right depending on how tight you need the pallet wrap to be. The advantage of the adjustable tension is that you can get the most out of your film and ensure that the pallet is stable and secure before it enters the distribution network.

Film snapping – Film snapping is significantly reduced due to the quality of the film and because of the consistent tension the dispenser applies to the film.


Magnet – As an optional extra you can use the Bolt with two magnetic ends. This allows you to leave your Bolt anywhere with just a snap. The magnets make it convenient for you to click the dispenser to a metal surface such as your racking or forklift, reducing the likelihood of it being damaged if it was left on the floor.

Grip – The lightweight structure and design of the dispensers means the operator can use it for the entire duration of their shift without any strain on their hands.

Stand – A metal base plate is an optional feature which is great for when you need to prep your pallet for wrapping. You can simply stand your Bolt upright on the floor as opposed to it lying down where it is likely to get more wear and tear and even get damaged by moving items such as forklifts.

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