Semi-automatic Orbital Wrapper. The orbital wrapping machines by Plasticband wrap and protect your products of dirt, dust and humidity during the transport and storage.

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Features of the NELEO – 50/90/125/160/200/250

  • Steel Frame
  • Safety footswitch
  • Ring protection
  • Adjustable stretch-film tension
  • Adjustable rotation ring speed
  • Control panel
  • Double film reel dispenser head
  • Made in Barcelona

1. More benefits for the user

  • The previous Neleo has one working mode whereas the new model has three working modes with extended features:
    Manual (current mode): When we keep pressing the pedal the machine wraps the product and when we stop pressing the pedal the machine stops wrapping the product.
  • Banding (new): We press the pedal once and the wrapper makes a wrap that holds the product. This option is recommended for users that use the Neleo to gather the products together.
  • Automatic (new): We press the pedal once and the Neleo keeps wrapping until we press the pedal again, giving the order that it can stop. This option is specially recommended for wrapping long products and when the user have to do other duties such as placing invoices, logos, place protection corners, take out another wrapped package, etc. You can increase the productivity of the operator because he has free movements and does not have to be next to the pedal at all times.

2. New tables: bigger size, greater comfort and precision

  • The table incorporates a rule (in inches and cm) to adjust the height with precision.
  • Double handle to adjust the position of the table.
  • The new design improves the strength of the table.
  • We can wrap 20% bigger products. We have increased the wrapping height from 260mm to 315mm.
  • We can wrap products with only 5cm width, perfect for profiles.
  • On this table we can add other accessories like V-shape vertical rollers and short products bridge.

3. More security and effectiveness

  • New cutting system: more secure; the knife is hidden so the operator does not have access to it. This way we avoid any accident.
  • The new cutting system cuts the film more quickly so the operator saves time during the wrapping process.
  • The film threading has been improved and there is no need to make a knot, the machine is always prepared to work thanks to the new cutting system.
  • The new cutting system cuts the film with precision, also with zero tension. (the previous cutting system had some difficulties with low tension). Furthermore, the film does not get stuck in the expulsion moment.
  • New cutting system protection cover and cylinder rod that increases the security of the whole set.

4. Better reel holder system

  • We have improved the quality and features.
  • Incorporates a new roll which function is to regulate the stretch film tension. The user can regulate the tension with high precision, allowing the application of high or low tension depending on the product.
  • We have reduced the noise pollution coming from the roll rotation and tension with new special plastic washers. Likewise, we have reduced the film tear.
  • More security with new access window to the rolls. The new metal window is more resistant and secure avoiding the risk of opening when working. Also, the possibility of breaking is minimal due to its new strength.

Better quality

  • Better finishing of the window and the green colour parts using a textured paint that eliminates any type of irregularity and reduces the chances of scratching. All together gives a sensation of strength.
  • Noise reduction during the cycle thanks to all the improvements made to smooth frictions and vibrations.
  • More turning precision and operations thanks for the new inductive detector that allow us to know the exact position of the reel holder at all times. It reduces the chances to get broken even when the roll is placed in a bad position.
  • The new components are compatible with the previous versions of the Neleo IV, except for the cutting system and the inductive detector.

Additional Options

  • Short product bridge
  • Gravity rollers conveyors
  • Wheel brakes
  • No standard machine colour
  • Side vertical rollers ‘V’ shape
  • Double automatic stretch film clamp and cutter system for two reels
  • Infeed and outfeed gravity rollers table for product feeding


Designed to wrap…
Neleo 50 Designed to wrap mouldings, profiles, blinds, shelves and kit furniture.
Neleo 90 Designed to wrap furniture, doors, wood panels, cabinets and windows.
Neleo 125 Designed to wrap furniture, doors, panels, wooden boards, cabinets, windows and bulky products.
Neleo 160 Designed to wrap furniture, doors, panels, wooden boards, cabinets, windows and bulky products.
Neleo 200/250 Designed to wrap furniture, doors, panels, wooden boards, cabinets, windows and bulky products.