One of the most advanced strapping machines in its class, with additional features to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

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Features of the Optimax® Automatic Arch Strapper


  • Automatic strap feed
  • Short feed sensor and auto re-feed
  • Electronic tension control
  • Auto loop ejector
  • Externally mounted coil
  • Adjustable leg/table height
  • No need for metal seals
  • Fast tension adjustment
  • Minimal downtime and easy coil change
  • Compatible with polypropylene (PP) strapping.


  • Short feed sensor
  • Stainless steel frame


AFS900 AFS900-12 AFS900-12L
Description Optimax® 9mm Automatic Arch Strapper Optimax® 12mm Automatic Arch Strapper Optimax® 12mm Automatic Large Arch Strapper
Strap Width 9mm 12mm 12mm
Strap Thickness 0.55mm – 0.75mm 0.55mm – 0.75mm 0.55mm – 0.75mm
Arch Size (W)850mm x (H)600mm (W)850mm x (H)600mm (W)1050mm x (H)800mm
Min/Max. Strap Tension 10-70 kg (Strap Dependent) 10-70 kg (Strap Dependent) 10-70 kg (Strap Dependent)
Max. strappable package weight 100kg 100kg 100kg
Weight 20kg 220kg 220kg
Cycle Time 2.6 secs (@50Hz) 2.6 secs (@50Hz) 2.6 secs (@50Hz)
Dimensions (W)1430mm x (D)620mm x (H)1540mm (W)1430mm x (D)620mm x (H)1540mm (W)1430mm x (D)620mm x (H)1540mm