Fully Automatic Rotating Rings


Robopac Genesis Futura


The rotating ring automatic wrapping machines of the Genesis Futura range, as those of the Genesis HS series, operate without sliding electrical contacts and are characterised by the exclusive system that allows the motorised pre-stretch units to be powered by batteries which are recharged during the machine stoppages coinciding with pallet infeed and outfeed.

This technical solution, as well as eliminating all problems typical of sliding contacts, also results in a significant reduction of the total weight of the machine and correct balancing of the rotating masses.

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Features of the Robopac Genesis Futura


  • The modularity of the structural and functional units provide high flexibility and versatility expressed with traditional pallet models (max. dimensions: 1000 x 1200 mm) and models for large-sized pallets (max: 1450mm x 1450mm and 1900mm x 1900mm).
  • Guaranteeing lower investment costs and, consequently, high levels of competitiveness guarantees: low consumption of electricity, low maintenance, high reliability and long service life.
  • The design philosophy has focused on minimising transport costs e installation times with positive economic effects on the final user.
  • Within the Genesis Futura range; Futura 40, Futura L and Futura XL.

Total Productive Maintenance Ready (TPM)

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a system of maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through the machines, equipments, processes and employees that add business value to the organization. TPM focuses on keeping all equipment in top working condition to avoid breakdowns and delays in the manufacturing process.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Avoid production lines downtime
    • Faster troubleshooting
    • Visual control of the machine status
  • Cutting wire & hot sealer quick changeover
    • Easy and fast
    • Tool less
    • Minimal machine downtime
    • Maximum machine availability

Clamp Details

Futura Clamp

  • Pneumatically driven clamp unit with hot wire film cutting which incorporates also the device for final sealing of the film tail on the contrast.

Nip & Tuck Clamp

  • Optional device for clamping, cutting and threading the film without sealer.
  • The last tail of the wrapping film is inserted into the winding itself.

Cube Technology

  • Deliver EXACTLY the right amount of film, at EXACTLY the right position with EXACTLY the right containment force.

Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch

  • Ensures best film economy for all loads.
  • Ensures best film economy for all films.
  • Ensures highest containment level attainable for all films.
  • Delivers 30% to 55% film savings.

Multi-Level Variable Containment Force

  • Delivers the optimal containment force at each level.
  • Enables the delivery of the highest pre-stretch at all levels.

Strategic Film Placement

  • Scientific approach to ultimate load containment.
  • Place film precisely where it has the most impact on load containment.

Proactive Corner Compensation

  • Reduces product damage on corners.
  • Improves containment on flat sides of loads.
  • Enables higher containment levels on each revolution.


Carriage Details

BSCSP Carriage

  • One motor on board with batteries to pre-stretch since the beginning of the wrapping cycle
  • Fixed pre-stretch up to 300%
  • Optional kits for different pre-stretch ratios
  • Up to 12 containment force values on the same load
  • Containment force/corner compensation: analog sensor

USCSP/2 Carriage

  • Dual DC motors on roll carriage with power generator and ultra-capacitors
  • Variable pre-stretch 150% – 400% set via control panel
  • Up to 12 containment force values on the same load
  • Cube Technology – Level 1 e Level 2
  • Plus Ultra-Capacitors:
    • Batteries fast charge
    • Life over 15 years
    • Not affected by modifications in temperature

Additional Options

Vertical Pressure Platen

  • Pallet retaining system during wrapping which can be used with the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside) or with particularly unstable loads.
  • Available in versions with mechanical movement by means of pantograph system or pneumatic drive.

Pallet Lifter

  • Pallet lifting system in the conveyor in the centre of the machine with pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive, thanks to which complete wrapping of the wooden pallet is possible.
  • This system enables you to manage wrapping of the product and pallet in an extremely flexible manner, guaranteeing maximum stability of the palletised load.
  • The pneumatic lift has a maximum capacity of 2000 kg, while the hydraulic system has a capacity of more than 2000 kg.

Top Sheet Cover

  • Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet.
  • Available in the version Top Inside version integrated in the structure of the machine to obtain a cover against dust and water, or in the Top Outside version with independent structure, to be able to achieve a dust-proof cover.


  • Optional system to reduce the width of the film to a “cord” and ensure a more effective stabilisation of the load.

VCA – Corner Applicator

  • Automatic corner applicator device VCA which consists of vertical storages combined with four gripping and application devices managed by a special patented control system.

ARC Reel Change

  • Patented motorised unit to carry out, automatically and without any intervention of the operator, the ejection of the empty cardboard reel core and position the new reel of film for wrapping.
  • Available in the single ARC / 1 and the double ARC / 2 version, also in Top side configuration if the covering device is present.
  • The ARC / 2 solution housing two full reels allows the operator to have greater flexibility in managing changes.
  • The reel change units are positioned inside the perimeter protections, but outside the clearance of the ring and, therefore, it is possible to position the new reels in conditions of total safety without stopping the operation of the wrapping machine.


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2000mm
Min. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) (*) 1100mm x 1300mm
Max. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) 1100mm x 1300mm (std.) / 1450mm x 1450mm (opt.) / 1900mm x 1900mm (opt.)
Output Capacity (**) up to 80 pallets/hour
Standard Pre-Stretch BSCSP – Single motorisation on board with batteries, fixed pre-stretch, optional kits for different pre-stretch ratios
Optional Pre-Stretch Carriage USCSP/2 – Double independent DC motorization with batteries and ultra-capacitors, variable pre-stretch
Pre-Stretch Ratio Included 140% – 200% – 246%
(*) Possibility of wrapping the half and quarter pallet.
(**) In certain wrapping conditions and defined pallet sizes.
Reel Details
Film Reel Height 500mm (std.) – 750mm (opt.)
Max. Reel Diameter 250mm (std.)
Reel Cardboard Height 510 (std.)
Workable Film Thickness (***) 17 – 30 µm
TOP Film Thickness 40 – 100 µm
(***) According to film quality
Electrical Details
Power Supply Voltage 380 V – 400 V – 415 V ± 5%
Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz ± 1%
Pneumatic Details  
Compressed Air Pressure 6 Bar ± 1