Automatic stretch wrapping machine with double rotating arm for very high productivity.


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Features of the Robopac Helix 4/2 Evo


  • Automatic stretch wrapping machine with double rotating arm to meet the requirements of load stabilisation on pallets, in cases of high hourly output.
  • The wrapping times are virtually halved with respect to its younger sister Helix 4, thanks to the mirror feature of the machine with a double arm on which the pre-stretch carriages and double film clamping and cutting system are installed.

Clamp Details

Hot Plate Sealer

  • Hot plate device to fix the final edge of the film during wrapping cycle on the previous turn.
  • The film is cut by means of the hot wire.
  • The sealing plates are mounted on springs to adapt to the surface of the product, and the sealing time can be set from the control panel.

Nip & Tuck Clamp

  • Optional device for clamping, cutting and threading the film without sealer.
  • The last tail of the wrapping film is inserted into the winding itself.

Pincers Clamp

  • Standard clamp equipped with a system for cutting the film through a hot wire.
  • Also available in the version with double driver for independent movement of the two pincers, ideal for pallets of varying size.

Spring Clamp

  • Optional system for clamping, cutting and sealing the film, which occurs without contact with the product.
  • The device works through spring steel (Patent ROBOPAC SISTEMI), with a proportional reduction of the film band and is complete with an air blower device to seal the initial edge of the film within the wrapping.
  • The device is specifically designed to guarantee perfect finishing of the end edge of the film by electronically controlled impulse sealing on constant film thickness.
  • The final sealing of the film takes place on a mechanical support, accurately avoiding direct contact with the product.
  • Also available in the version with horizontal movement and mobile and liftable.

Cube Technology

  • Deliver EXACTLY the right amount of film, at EXACTLY the right position with EXACTLY the right containment force.

Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch

  • Ensures best film economy for all loads.
  • Ensures best film economy for all films.
  • Ensures highest containment level attainable for all films.
  • Delivers 30% to 55% film savings.

Multi-Level Variable Containment Force

  • Delivers the optimal containment force at each level.
  • Enables the delivery of the highest pre-stretch at all levels.

Strategic Film Placement

  • Scientific approach to ultimate load containment.
  • Place film precisely where it has the most impact on load containment.

Proactive Corner Compensation

  • Reduces product damage on corners.
  • Improves containment on flat sides of loads.
  • Enables higher containment levels on each revolution.


Carriage Details

SCSP Carriage

  • Pre-stretch carriage with single motorisation, which allows the stretch film to be pulled at fixed values up to 300% and apply up to 12 containment force values on the pallet.
  • Optional kits are available for pre-stretch other than standard.
  • The adjustment of the placing force on the pallet is controlled by an analog system.
  • The carriage is equipped with a reel h. 500 mm – 20″ (STD) or with the optional h. 750 mm – 30”.

SCSP/2 Carriage

  • Pre-stretch carriage with double motorisation SSC independent, which allows the stretch film to be pre-stretched from the control panel, with a 0% -400% range and with control system through inverter.
  • It is possible to apply up to 12 containment force values on the pallet.
  • The carriage is equipped with a reel h. 500 mm – 20″ (STD) or with the optional h. 750 mm – 30”.
  • The adjustment of the application force on the pallet is controlled by a PROACTIVE system based on the CUBE TECHNOLOGY Level 1 and Level 2.

Additional Options

Vertical Pressure Platen

  • Pallet retaining system during wrapping which can be used with the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside) or with particularly unstable loads.
  • Available in versions with mechanical movement by means of pantograph system or pneumatic drive.

Pallet Lifter

  • Pallet lifting system in the conveyor in the centre of the machine with pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive, thanks to which complete wrapping of the wooden pallet is possible.
  • This system enables you to manage wrapping of the product and pallet in an extremely flexible manner, guaranteeing maximum stability of the palletised load.
  • The pneumatic lift has a maximum capacity of 2000 kg, while the hydraulic system has a capacity of more than 2000 kg.

Top Sheet Cover

  • Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet.
  • Available in the version Top Inside version integrated in the structure of the machine to obtain a cover against dust and water, or in the Top Outside version with independent structure, to be able to achieve a dust-proof cover.


  • Optional system to reduce the width of the film to a “cord” and ensure a more effective stabilisation of the load.

VCA – Corner Applicator

  • Automatic corner applicator device VCA which consists of vertical storages combined with four gripping and application devices managed by a special patented control system.


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2000mm
Min. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) (*) 600mm x 800mm
Max. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) 1000mm x 1350mm
Output Capacity (**) 145 pallets/hour
Standard Pre-Stretch SCSP – single motorisation, fixed pre-stretch, optional kits for different ratios available (manual replacement)
Optional Pre-Stretch Carriage SCSP/2 – double independent SSC motorisation, variable pre-stretch
Pre-Stretch Ratio Included 150% – 214% – 257%
(*) Possibility of wrapping the half and quarter pallet.
(**) In certain wrapping conditions and defined pallet sizes.
Reel Details
Film Reel Height 500mm (std.) – 750mm (opt.)
Max. Reel Diameter 250mm
Reel Cardboard Height 510 (std.)
Workable Film Thickness (***) 17 – 30 µm
TOP Film Thickness 40 – 100 µm
(***) According to film quality
Electrical Details
Power Supply Voltage 380 V – 400 V ± 5%
Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz ± 1%
Pneumatic Details  
Compressed Air Pressure 6 Bar ± 1