The use of advanced technologies and of the utmost attention to safety systems represents the essence of the developing capacity of Robopac and provided with a high level of packaging autonomy and great work flexibility. The machine is built to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch film.

Thanks to the innovative system for facilitated film insertion (ILS) through the opening of the carriage and to the Power Drive technology with brushless motorization, it is possible to control the film with extreme precision, guaranteeing perfect pre-stretching and the lowest consumption of film and energy in view of environmental sustainability.

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Features of the Robopac Robot S7


  • R-Connect System
  • Multi-level Variable Pre-Stretch
  • Multi-level Variable Containment Force
  • Strategic Film Placement
  • E-Saving – Less energy and film consumption
  • Suitable for products of any shape, size and weight.
  • Safety bumper for immediate stop and the pre-stretch carriages in the closed version.
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the brushless motors and to the new more performing carriages.
  • More pre-stretches available due to the new P3GS carriage.

The Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • MLC is the technology that allows the best load stabilization with the minimum quantity of film, MLC deliver the right amount of film at the exactly the right containment force.
    • Reduces film cost by 35% to 55%
    • Improves Load containment
    • Reduces Product Damage by 40%

Control Panel Functions

  • The control panel with colour touch screen allows you to create up to 12 programs (+12 with Multilevel Control) in a simple and intuitive way thanks to the patented Robopac icons.
  • Adjustable Parameters & Cycles:
  • 12 programs recordable (+12 with Multilevel Control)
  • Rotation speed setting
  • Upward/downward speed carriage setting
  • Top/bottom wraps setting
  • Reinforcement wraps setting
  • Upward/downward film tensioning adjustment (FR, P3GS, PVS)
  • Upward/downward film pre-stretch adjustment (PVS)
  • Roping device adjustment (opt.)
  • Upward-downward cycle
  • Only upward or only downward cycle
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Manual upward-downward carriage
  • Partial cycles counter
  • Total cycles counter
  • Delay photocell setting
  • Altimeter
  • Start from ground level
  • Control panel lock
  • Output data

Carriage Details

FRD Carriage

  • Film carriage with mechanical brake manually adjustable to set the film tensioning. Brake engagement- release device to facilitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet.

FR Carriage

  • Film carriage with electromagnetic powder brake on return roller, stretch tension adjustable from control panel.

P3GS Carriage

  • The P3GS pre-stretch carriage has a motorized pre-stretch with 3 selectable fixed ratios (0% -230% -300% std and 0% -150% -250% opt.)

PVS Carriage

  • Carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 0% up to 500%.


Additional Options

  • Lithium Battery
  • Roping device adjustment
  • Automatic film cutting device
  • Film carriage with brake for net film (Suitable for applications in the food sector.)


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2200mm (std.) | 2400mm, 2800mm, 3100mm (opt.)
Min. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) 600mm x 600mm
Carriage Up-Down Speed 1,5 ÷ 5 m/min
Film Carriage Type FRD, FR, P3GS, PVS
Film Stretch Manual (FRD) adjustable from panel (FR, P3GS, PVS)
Film Pre-Stretch n.a. (FRD, FR) 0% – 230 % – 300 % (std.) 0% – 150% – 250% (opt.) (P3GS) variable 0-500% (PVS)
*H=3100 mm only with PDS and PVS motorized carriages
Reel Details
Max. Reel Dimensions (HxØ) 500mm x 300mm
Max Reel Weight 20kg
Film Thickness 7 ÷ 35 µm
Electrical Details  
Power Supply Voltage 100-240 V (1Ph)
Power Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
Installed power 0.5 kW
Batteries N°2 12 V 90 Ah Pb/Acid (std.) | N°1 24 V 50 Ah Lithium (opt.)