Automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table for the stabilisation of palletised loads.

The Rotoplat 3000 HD wrapping machine is characterised by low installation time, compact overall dimensions for transport and high production capacity and long operating time make it the ideal solution for those who require an efficient and reliable line end, with low investment costs.

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Features of the Robopac Rotoplat 3000 HD


  • Automatic rotating table with driven roller surface to wrap and stabilize loads on pallets with stretch film to be used in automatic packaging at the end of the line
  • Rotoplat series wrapping machines stand out for their driven roller surface rotation system which is made up of a toothed thrust bearing supported by a high load capacity ball bearing and high resistance pin transmission; this construction solution ensures high operating reliability and working life in the most wearing use conditions.
  • Table rotation speed and relevant acceleration and deceleration ramps are controlled by a frequency converter; this guarantees that the table always stops in phase regardless of the load weight and makes sure it is always aligned with the infeed and outfeed conveyors, assuring correct pallet supply and unloading.
  • High Productivity – up to 40 pallets/hour.

Clamp Details

Clamp and Cut

  • Oscillating scissor clamp and cutting unit with built-in welder: High versatility in use with various sized pallets and minimum film tail that perfectly adheres to the pallet.

Hot Plate Sealer

  • System to obtain perfect sealing of the stretch film.

Spring Clamp

  • Patented group with pulse hot wire film cut and film tail pallet welding device.

Spring Clamp with lateral movement

  • Ideal for different pallet sizes (only table with roller conveyors).

Cube Technology

  • Deliver EXACTLY the right amount of film, at EXACTLY the right position with EXACTLY the right containment force.

Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch

  • Ensures best film economy for all loads.
  • Ensures best film economy for all films.
  • Ensures highest containment level attainable for all films.
  • Delivers 30% to 55% film savings.

Multi-Level Variable Containment Force

  • Delivers the optimal containment force at each level.
  • Enables the delivery of the highest pre-stretch at all levels.

Strategic Film Placement

  • Scientific approach to ultimate load containment.
  • Place film precisely where it has the most impact on load containment.

Proactive Corner Compensation

  • Reduces product damage on corners.
  • Improves containment on flat sides of loads.
  • Enables higher containment levels on each revolution.


Carriage Details

PGSM Carriage

  • Pre-stretch carriage with single motorisation, which allows the stretch film to be pulled at fixed values up to 340% and apply up to 12 force values of film application on the pallet.
  • Optional kits are available for pre-stretch other than standard.
  • The adjustment of the force containment on the pallet is controlled by an analog system.
  • The carriage is equipped with a reel h. 500 mm – 20” (STD) or with the optional h. 750 mm – 30.

PGSA Carriage

  • Pre-stretch carriage with double independent motorisation, which allows to pre-stretch the film from the control panel, with a 150% – 400% range and control system through inverter.
  • It is possible to apply up to 12 force containment values on the pallet.
  • The carriage is equipped with a reel h. 500 mm – 20” (STD) or with the optional h. 750 mm – 30.
  • The adjustment of the containment force on the pallet is controlled by a reactive system based on the CUBE TECHNOLOGY Level 1.


Additional Options

  • Spring clamp with horizontal movement for different pallet sizes.
  • Spring clamp device with pulse hot wire film cut and film tail pallet welding device.
  • Welding unit on counter bar to avoid the contact of the welder with the product.

Vertical Pressure Platen

  • Pallet retaining system during wrapping which can be used with the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside) or with particularly unstable loads.

Top Sheet Cover

  • Device for covering the upper side of the pallet.

Table with Chains

  • The table with chain conveyor is available for loads with bottom slat pallets transversal to the feed front.

Roping Device

  • System that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to ensure a more effective stabilization of the load.


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2000mm
Max. Pallet Dimensions (min-max) (*) 600mm x 800mm – 1000mm x 1200mm
Turntable Speed 17 rpm
Output Capacity (**) 40 pallets/hour
Standard Pre-Stretch Carriage PGSM – single motor, fixed pre-stretch with additional different ratios (manual replacement)
Optional Pre-Stretch Carriage PGSA – independent dual motors, variable pre-stretch
Pre-stretch Ratio included 150% – 208% – 245%
(*) Possibility of wrapping the half and quarter pallet.
(**) In certain wrapping conditions and defined pallet sizes.
Reel Details
Film Reel Height 500mm (std.) – 750mm (opt.)
Max. Reel Diameter 250mm
Reel Cardboard Height 510mm
Film Thickness (***) 17 ÷ 30 µm
TOP FIlm Thickness 40 ÷ 100 µm
(***) According to film quality
Electrical Details
Power Supply Voltage 400 V ± 5%
Power Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 1%
Pneumatic Details
Compressed Air Pressure 6 Bar ± 1