Rototech is the ideal solution for fully automatic wrapping with stretch film of products particularly unstable.

The ability to keep the pallet still and stabilizing products running a rotating arm is often a necessity for many industries. The Rotary family is of superior quality in a technological environment important for end packaging line. This machine has excellent technical and construction and is the ideal choice to run the pallet wrapping reliably and effectively.

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Features of the Robopac Rototech 3000


  • R-Connect
  • Multilevel Control
  • Ideal for unstable and irregular pallets

Clamping & cutting device with spreading system (or welding in option)

  • Rototech 3000 is equipped with automatic clamp, cutting and spreading or welding unit. Feature allows a perfect automatic sealing of the film tail at the end of each cycle, layout allows perfect adaptability to virtually any load profile. Film clamping unit with automatic tilt to optimize stretch wrapping at the base of the load.

Control Panel Functions

  • 7 inch user friendly interface.
  • The control panel is the brain of Rototech 3000, here lies the heart of the machine and technology such as the Multilevel-Control.
  • Adjustable Parameters & Cycles:
  • 12 programmable recipes + 12 MLC recipes (Multilevel Control)
  • Upward-downward cycle
  • Automatic top sheet cycle (opt.)
  • Arm rotation speed
  • Carriage up-down speed
  • Film tensioning
  • Film pre-stretch (adjustable with PVS carriage)
  • Photocell or altimeter
  • Top and bottom wraps
  • Reinforcement wraps
  • Offset from the ground
  • Cutting time adjustment
  • Welding time adjustment (opt)
  • Wraps with roping device (opt.)
  • % roping (opt.)
  • Enabling/disabling of puffs of air
  • Packaging exclusion

Carriage Details

PGS Carriage

  • The PGS film delivery device is equipped with a powered fixed gear (200%) pre-stretch system. A wide range of additional gear sets can also be purchased (150%-200-250%-300%). The force to load is controlled by string gauge through the control panel.

PVS Carriage

  • The PVS Carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 100% up to 300%. Force to the load controlled by patented electronic device and adjustable from panel board.


Additional Options

  • Welder Device
  • Top Sheet Cycle
  • Roping Device


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2000mm (std.) | 2400mm/2750mm (opt.)
Min. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) 1750mm x 1000mm (W conveyors = 1100 mm) / 1650mm x 1200mm (W conveyors = 1300 mm)
Max. Load Weight 1500kg
Arm rotating speed 7 ÷ 12 rpm
Carriage Up-Down Speed 2.5 ÷ 7,2 m/min
Film Carriage Type PGS, PVS
Film Tensioning Adjustable from panel
Film Pre-Stretch fixed 250% std. (PGS), variable 150-400% (PVS)
Reel Details
Max. Reel Dimensions (HxØ) 500mm x 300mm
Max Reel Weight 20kg
Film Thickness 17 ÷ 35 µm*
*The stretch film must be compatible with pre-stretch.
Electrical Details
Power Supply Voltage 400 V 3Ph + N + PE
Power Supply Voltage 50 Hz
Installed Power without conveyors 4,4 (PGS) / 5,5 (PVS)
Pneumatic Features
Air consumption 300 Nl/min
Working pressure 6 Bar