Semi-automatic wrapping machine, perfect for packaging with stretch film any type of product, even the most unstable ones. The rotating arm wrappers have greater productivity (pallets/hour) if compared with the wrapping machines with rotating table.

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Features of the Spinny Rotax S3200


  • Electromagnetic brake film tensioning.
  • Separate programming of top and bottom reinforcement wraps.
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop.
  • Variable speed of film carrier completely customizable.
  • Film carrier fall protection system.
  • Control panel with 10 password protected working cycles.
  • Electromagnetic brake film tensioning.

Additional Options

  • Pallet height – up to 3000mm
  • XL version – pallet dimensions 3000mm x 1250mm


Technical Details
Max. Pallet Height 2100mm (std.) | up to 3000mm (opt.)
Max. Pallet Dimensions (LxW) 1200mm x 1200mm (std.) | 3000mm x 1250mm (opt.)
Arm Rotation Speed From 4 -15 rpm
Motorized Pre-Stretch System Up to 300%
Film & Coil Details
Thickness 10 ÷ 35 µm
Advised Thickness 20 μm
Internal Coil Diameter 76mm
Height 500mm
Max. Film Roll Weight 16kg
Max. External Coil Diameter 250mm
Electrical Details
Tension 400 V three-phase ± 10%
Frequency 50 Hz
Installed power 3 kW
Auxiliary Energy Supply 24 V DC