Shield Nano Stretch Film is a market leading, high quality, high-performance stretch film available for machine or hand application. Due to the 33 or 55 layer nanotechnology, our stretch film is strong but thinner and highly stretchable, enabling you to make huge savings against conventional film.

Only top-grade polymers are used to make Shield Nano film ensuring that the film is consistent, highly puncture and rear resistant, giving you peace of mind that as your pallets enter their journey, whether it be on land, sea or air, that the goods will be safe, stable and secure.

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Why choose Shield Nano Stretch Film for your packaging operation

Load stability

Shield Nano Film is a multi-layer film, either 33 layers or 55 layers. This is what gives our film the strength over other high performance and conventional film which typically has 5-6 layers. The multi-layered film can be compared to the plywood effect or bulletproof glass - so even though the film is thinner it is stronger and makes your loads more secure. With a stronger film; pallet damages, breakages and pallet movement in transit can be reduced. So with Shield Nano film, load stability is far higher in comparison to other films even though the overall thickness is reduced.

Cost & waste savings

You can be guaranteed that by switching from your current pallet stretch film to our Shield Nano Film that you will make cost and waste savings. As a result of the film being stronger, less weight of film is required to wrap a pallet securely and consequently there is you have less plastic waste coupled with monetary savings! Conventional films typically wrap around 70 pallets per roll however with Shield Nano Film you can often wrap 100 pallets or more! Savings are also made because traditional cardboard cores are 1.8kg however our rolls are 1kg; your money buys more film and less core! So savings are also made by producing less cardboard waste.

Wide range of films

We have several films to suit your application. Our range includes a 10µm, 11 µm, 12µm, 14µm, 15µm, 17µm. We can offer 33 layer films, 33 layer xecure films, and 55 layer films. Roll widths are either 500mm or 750mm and roll meterages ranges from 1450m up to 3260m.

Puncture & tear resistant

Multi-layer nanotechnology provides a high puncture and tear resistances compared to other films, ensuring high containment force. The 33 or 55 layers technology allows you to wrap unconventional pallets containing sharp edges with ease.

Increased stretch

Shield Nano Film can stretch up to 335% however many conventional films can only stretch 100-200%. By stretching the pallet wrap, you get the most out of the film - no wastage and best performance.

Consistent results

Consistency is something we pride ourselves in. Shield Nano Film is manufactured from a unique grade of top polymers on the highest quality production machinery. There is no spot buying of the film’s raw materials ensuring that each roll of film is the same.

Optical clarity

Shield Nano Film is very transparent due to the quality of the raw materials used. There are no marks or cloudy areas in the film. The film clarity gives operatives easy scanning of barcodes. Your pallets will look professional, tidy and neat as they go out into the logistics network.

Ease of use

Warehouse productivity and efficiency is just another of the many features of our stretch film. There are also fewer roll changes for the warehouse operatives due to more meterage of film per roll. Less film breakages gives less line stoppages and therefore a more efficient workforce.