How did Carpetright reduce their plastic usage by 73.6%?

Carpetright, the UK’s leading flooring retailer, has made significant strides in reducing plastic usage and CO2 emissions thanks to Castle Industrial. In an interview with Pete Newby, Distribution Site Manager, and Daniel Burt, Operations Manager, Carpetright reveals how Castle Industrial has helped optimize their pallet wrapping operations.

Carpetright was looking for a company that could offer full stability testing, rather than just a cheaper product. Castle Industrial came in and conducted testing on the load stability film they provide, and it was found to be best in class. Carpetright was originally using a 30-micron plastic from another supplier, but they switched to Castle Industrial’s 15-micron plastic, which saved 52% on costs, equating to around £19,000.

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Moreover, Carpetright has seen a significant reduction of 73.6% plastic and CO2 emissions, which equates to 21 tonnes per annum. This reduction is a result of Castle Industrial’s innovative products and processes. Castle Industrial’s team identified inefficiencies in Carpetright’s existing pallet wrapping machines and recommended two new pallet wrapping machines to increase load stability. These machines were purchased for their Florence Supplies, which is another part of their division.

Carpetright’s decision to work with Castle Industrial was based on product and testing, CO2 reduction, and price. According to Pete Newby, the three reasons why he would recommend Castle Industrial are the price, the support and testing, and the CO2 reductions.

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With the rising global focus on reducing plastic usage and CO2 emissions, Carpetright’s success story is a shining example of how companies can work with innovative partners like Castle Industrial to achieve their sustainability goals. The reduction in plastic and CO2 emissions not only benefits the environment, but it also reduces costs for businesses, making it a win-win situation.

In conclusion, Carpetright’s partnership with Castle Industrial has led to significant reductions in plastic usage and CO2 emissions, while also saving costs. Carpetright’s success story is a testament to how innovative partnerships can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals, all while saving money in the process. 

"We've seen a reduction of 73.6% plastic and CO2 reductions which equates to 21 tonnes per annum."
Peter Newby
Distribution Site Manager at Carpetright